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Cryptic Trailer



Eight years after her mother died under bizarre circumstances, a teenage girl gets the opportunity to change the past when she finds the cell phone that was given to her as a birthday gift, and begins using it to communicate with a younger version of herself. As a young girl, Jessie Graver (Jadin Gould) was ecstatic to receive a cell phone for her birthday, but her happiness was short-lived when her mother was found floating lifeless in the pool later that same day. Nearly a decade later, Jessie (Julie Carlson) has grown distant from her father, preferring to spend most of her time with her best friends Damon (Johnny Pacar) and Mia Brooke Vallone). Stumbling across the phone as she sorts through some of her old belongings, Jessie decides to dial her old phone number, and is surprised when a little girl answers. The more the two talk, the more Jessie realizes that she's somehow managed to reach her younger self before the tragedy that changed her life. With no time to lose, the desperate teen focuses all her energy on convincing the little girl on the other end of the line to prevent her mother from entering the pool at all costs.

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